Saturday, 25 February 2017

First day of Spring in Tinytree / New Plans

It was a rainy morning when I loaded up Tinytree, nevertheless I was excited to welcome the beautiful green grass! I was planning to kickstart forming my dirt paths by running all over town with all my characters, however, the first day of spring turned out to be an unlucky one. I face planted into several flowers, destroying some of them. My running ritual will have to wait until Festivale is over. In the meantime, I still have a lot of work to do with Kiri. I decided not to post pictures of it yet since I'm still working out the paths and it's looking pretty disastrous at the moment. 

Abandoned bus stop by the train station

Having a walk with Nana

Plans for Tinytree

I started playing Tinytree in March last year so I'm fast approaching my town's 1-Year Anniversary. Although it is "complete" in terms of landscaping, house plot locations, etc. there are a few things I may change around just to keep things fresh.

Tangy and Beau's houses behind the light house

: I am planning on replacing Tangy and Beau for Dizzy and possibly a returning Welcome Amiibo villager. Tangy and Beau were both one of my earliest campsite move ins so it will be hard to see them go. Both their houses have a yellow and orange exterior which influenced the landscaping in that area. With Dizzy moving into that spot I may choose another villager with a blue exterior to match his and relandscape with matching flowers. 

Nana and O'Hare's houses by the cliff overlooking the sea

Another "pair" I'm willing to let go of are Nana and O'Hare. O'Hare was one of my starters and Nana was another early move in who happened to conveniently place her house right next to his. I liked that their fences matched and their houses complimented each other. However, I never really clicked with Nana. Normals are sweet and all, but easily forgettable in my opinion. O'Hare is possibly the only smug villager I've enjoyed despite not liking their personality/dialogue either. I may even keep O'Hare and move Dizzy into Nana's place. Landscaping would be a lot simpler that way. 

Anyways, shuffling villagers around is unlikely to happen any time soon. Mostly because of my traumatic experiences with plot resetting. Hopefully with any new villager I can move them into the same spot a villager has moved out of. 

Charlie's cabin next to the capsite

Houses: My alt character Charlie lives in a cosy cabin by the campsite. However, I'm ready to give him more of a purpose other than just another camper in the woods. I was planning on turning his house into a recreational/information centre for Tinytree: A place where you can rent diving equipment, tools, etc. One of the rooms could be fossil or dig site related, or just a place where visitor's can bunk for the night (a cheaper option to the bed & breakfast Mei runs perhaps?). Of course, like all my characters in town, Charlie will have his own room upstairs.

"Mayor's office" turned into the village pharmacist 

Jules' tiny house: fitting the essentials in one room

I originally made Jules' second floor to be her mayor's office surrounded by knick knacks and antiques, but the nautical theme made it look too much like my grandpa's house. Once I replaced a large bookcase with the medicine cabinet, it looked exactly like a quack pharmacist operating out of their own home. While I liked having the bed on the ground floor as a little "sleeping area" instead of a whole bedroom, I think I'm ready to give Jules an actual room for herself. The area behind the partition could be a dining area or another reading nook.

Jules' laundry room in the basement

The basement is currently used as a laundry room or a guest bedroom. I will likely turn it into a hobby room or game room. 

Why did I put this here. 

Landscaping: Since I am at my maximum for PWPs, there are a few that I want to replace or get rid of altogether. For example, the totem pole looks a little out of place right in front of the train tracks. I may move it to another location in my "red and black flower" zone but it definitely has to go. The path on the right leads to Hazel's house and the apple orchard so maybe a sign post would be better suited. 

Slow start to dirt paths

Finally, like I mentioned before, I have to dedicate some time to form my dirt paths again. I actually love the look of a completely grassy path covered in clovers, but unfortunately that's only achievable with the help of hacking. Dirt paths are inevitable in a non-hacked natural town like Tinytree.  

Phew that was a long post. There are a lot more things I need to work on that I originally thought! Tomorrow I will make a Happy Home Designer post. 

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