Sunday, 26 February 2017

HHD: Molly Press (A Tiny Bookstore)

Here's my first blog post about Happy Home Designer! I've made plenty of other houses before this one but I'm at that point in the game where I need to go back and redesign most of them with newly obtained furniture. It will take me some time to go through all of them again but I'm determined to fulfil every single villager's often ridiculous house ideas to the best of my ability. 

Molly's house request was to have her own publishing house. I changed it up a bit and made it into a small press / bookstore instead, where she sells independent zines and publications! Her shop is called Molly Press! There's actually a basement floor as well where the production takes place, but I forgot to take pictures of so I'll edit this post later. 

Molly Press is located right near town just across the river. I love using the modern looking mansion exterior for shops/businesses. The medium sized exterior is my favourite. I really wish we could customise our homes in New Leaf this way as well! 

By the way, this photo was taken just after I changed Jules out of her work clothes, right before she pops back onto the screen. It would be nice if we were able to zoom out completely or use rotating camera angles outdoors. I'm also a little peeved that you can see part of her work car in the foreground... I don't want to be caught visiting friends during my working hours... 

Anyways, on this particular day Molly was having a book sale! Everything was 50% off. 

I thought this little touch was quite nice. Behind the book yard sale you can see a glimpse of Molly's vegetable garden. 

The shop is on the left side where she has a few book selections on the tables as well as some in the large magazine rack. To the right is the counter and reading area for customers. Molly also sells her homemade kombucha to patrons. 

I had a lot of fun making hand drawn signs to use in the store. Molly's logo is simple typography on a yellow background.  

Fans of the shop can even buy a t-shirt version of it! 

Here's Jules checking out some of the new releases. 

I will do a giant master post later on with every public facility in town, although I'll keep individual villagers to their own post! 

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