Friday, 24 February 2017

Last day of winter

FINALLY!!! Today is the last day of winter in my two towns, Tinytree and Kiri. It's also the first time in all my 3 years of playing ACNL that I survived a winter without time travelling forward! This is a huge accomplishment for me considering how impatient I am and how quickly I get tired of snow.

There are few landscaping matters I need to see to immediately in both towns. In Kiri I need to edit my stepping stone paths to match the grass, possibly redesign them altogether. In Tinytree I need to run around town like a maniac and get my dirt paths started again. Here's a glimpse of the last warm day of winter.


Jules in the bamboo forest behind town hall

Perhaps Chief will actually manage to catch a bug with that net tomorrow

Cozy by the campfire. The most appropriate PWP for winter. 

Path that leads up to the train station. 

To see a version of Tinytree in all its dirt-pathed glory, visit the Dream Address: 4A00-0021-97C5


Chan in front of the windmill  

Early stages of landscaping the area around the cafe / train station

My favourite part of town: the diagonal zen bridge overlooking the windmill

The plaza area around town hall

Kiri is possibly the only ACNL town I've actually enjoyed playing through the winter. Everything looks so peaceful and serene, especially at night. Purple/white as a colour scheme for flowers probably helped make the snow blend in a little better with the foliage. The stark contrast between my colourful flowers and the snow in Tinytree always bothered me. 

I still have a long ways to go with landscaping Kiri so hopefully the lush greenery will give me some inspiration. My landscaping has been quite counterproductive lately... planting a few trees here and there, then chopping them down three days later out of frustration. However, I did manage to settle on the the interior of Chan's house after spending all day refurbishing:

Living room with the kitchen off to the side

Refurbished cabin furniture to birch wood

Here's a close up of two customised cabin furniture table tops. I drew my own wood texture to match the birch tops and I'm very proud with the way it turned out. Matching the cabin bookcase was easy, but the cabin low table was harder because the wood colour is a lot yellower. 


For the kitchen I decided to use the cabin wardrobe as a fridge replacement... like one of those fridges with wooden rustic exteriors. The green retro fridge did look nice as well but I already had a few cabin furniture items customised to birch and it matched with the brown sink perfectly. 

Bookshelf corner at the back

Dining area with some Durians to snack on

The dining area still needs a lot more work as it feels really empty. Once I add a backroom to the house to move my kitchen into I will rework the space. The alpine kitchen cart is another item that got the birch top treatment to give it an overall wooden look. 

Second floor, Chan's future bedroom

Finally, here's what's going on with the second floor that will be Chan's bedroom. I expanded it to a size bigger today so I'm excited to put it together. Most of the items I will be using are refurbished classic series and cabana. Unfortunately, the other pieces I need are from the Welcome Amiibo update so I'll be doing a fair amount of item hunting online over the next couple weeks. 

I will post some Before & After pictures of Jules' house soon as well since its due for a make over! 

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