Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Needle Felting

A trip to Daiso to get tupperware instead prompted me to buy a bunch of needle felting supplies and stab myself endlessly throughout the night. The result, two decent looking creations and one abomination. For my first project I ambitiously decided to repurpose the penguin pack to make my favourite villager, Dizzy. It was easy to work with a base that was round (like his head) but I did have to add several layers on top of it to correct the proportions after making the body. The hardest part was getting his little feet and hands on evenly and to cover the entire surface.

My next attempt was Bones. It was much harder to make his bean shaped head because I would accidentally flatten it every time I tried to add details to the face. I stopped at the head so I could attach a pin to the back later on (and because I was lazy). Maybe it was because the surface area was too small for me to add fine details and nuances, but poor Bones looks like he saw something terrible that cannot be unseen.

Laziness took a whole new form with my last creation, or abomination... my attempt at felting Drift. Instead of a 3D felted animal I used a piece of grey felt to make a flat piece. While I enjoyed stabbing onto a flat surface a lot more, perhaps it was a combination of impatience or the fact that I was multitasking while watching Westworld that the result was this:

I guess it's kind of funny and terrifying at the same time.

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