Friday, 3 March 2017

HHD: Kidd's Photo Studio

Today I designed a house for Kidd the smug goat! His vision was to have a photo studio and hang out with beautiful models all day. His studio is located somewhere in the mountains, a nice scenic drive from the city. A bit far out just to get your photo taken, but a perfect location for wedding shots!

I went to check up on Kidd and see how he was settling in. I reluctantly agreed to pose for him. For some reason the smug personality gives me an uneasy vibe. Maybe it's their extremely awkward dialogue which is no better in Happy Home Designer than it is in New Leaf. I told him straight up: no nudes.

What a creep
Afterwards, Kidd suggested I change outfits and take a glamour shot inside his studio. Things got a little weird. He insisted he stay in the room while I changed. There was literally no way for me to get him out of the room (HHD game mechanics and all), so I told him to look out the window and not to peek. The portrait of him on the wall stared at me instead.

He told me to do a sweet girly pose. Yeah right.

It was Kidd's idea to get in front of the lens next.

Despite Kidd being a little creep, I did have fun decorating his house and being his model! 

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