Saturday, 11 March 2017

Progress on Kiri! New Fantasy Life theme in the making!

I've been neglecting my ACNL towns quite a bit because I got back into playing Fantasy Life! However, I still managed to check my towns every day and build a few things here and there. With my newfound interest for FL, I've come up with a few ideas to landscape Kiri to somewhat resemble areas in the FL world. Everything about Fantasy Life is just so pretty! Anyways, here's a short progress report on what's been happening in Kiri.

For starters, I got two new villagers in town after Gala and Elise moved out.

Welcome Pango! Before she moved in, my town was heavily blocked off with paths to prevent potential disastrous plot placements. It was a pleasant surprise to see her plot in a 3x3 square I had allocated for any future villager to move in. Pango happened to be the lucky 9th villager. 

Here she is with Chan in front of her house. Both Pango and Pecan live right next to Chan's house by the waterfall. It was a match made in heaven: Pango's house exterior matches both hers and Pecan's purply exteriors! (the same fancy fence is a bonus!)

Pecan's purple exterior matches with Pango's nearby!

With Pango moved in, I decided to use the blank space between Pecan and her house to landscape a rice crop field. I've always wanted Chan to be a farmer, so now she gets to share her harvest with her neighbours! Directly behind it is a nice view of the river and the Zen Bell PWP.

A few days later I invited Cally to move into the last 10th spot! I was lucky enough to pick her up from a kind member over at the Bell Tree Forums.

Cally's chimney sucked up the moon!
Elderwood village in Fantasy Life... so pretty!!!!

Her plot placement wasn't my first choice. I actually forgot that I was supposed to plot reset to get her next to Buck's house. I specifically chose Cally because I thought her woodsy exterior would look great next to Buck's (and she's cute which is a plus), but she ended up putting her house near the cliff, further to the right of his house.

My new plan is to landscape Cally's area to resemble Elderwood forest/village with lots of mushrooms and some mystical looking PWPs. The PWPs that come to mind straight away are the log bench, moai statue, totem pole, stone tablet, and hot spring. However, I already have a little area for the stone tablet which I'm quite happy with. My fall back plan for the overall look of Kiri is to make it into a peaceful farm town. If that's the case, I could build something that resembles a stable near buck's house!

Hot spring and stone tablet right in front of the plaza, next to the waterfall

Here's where my stone tablet is currently. It's a shame that you can only build one of these, since it is one of my favourite projects. I need to stock up on some mushrooms and display them around here. My perfect stumps are not producing any for me!

The next area in town that I'm quite happy with is the town plaza in between Re-Tail and the Town Hall. I've added two square topiaries on either side of the fountain to give it a park/garden look. I've decided not to use paths in most places in town and only around more "developed" areas. I had the paths fade off into natural greenery to give it the feel that nature took over. It's still very much overgrown, just like the rest of town. Sticking with the possible Fantasy Life theme, I may try and design this area to look like Port Puerto. However, I'd have to draw up some nice water paths... and I still have to find a nice spot to build the lighthouse!

I finally decided to build the police station! I put it to the left of Re-Tail exactly where Gala used to live. I love the little pond in between them. It's kind of nerve wracking placing a permanent building since you can never move it unless you hack, but I'm quite happy with its location. The north part of town is already quite full and there are still a lot of PWPs I want to build, so this was really the only location I could think of that would work. It's also perfectly aligned with Re-Tail and Town Hall, which would be a first in all the towns I've played. In past games I've always had my permanent buildings spread out all over the map, making them hard to get to. This is definitely a nice change! 

Continuing the "park" theme, I started the project to build the drinking fountain. It's right in front of the entrance to Re-Tail. Previously, I had built a metal bench in that spot, but it was too awkward to access so I had it removed. With benches and most interactive PWPs I like to have them facing the North so it's easy to see when a player walks by it. 

Here's the water well PWP I built next to Julian's house. His house and the well are located right behind Re-Tail and the Police Station, hidden from the main path. I'm definitely planning on keeping Julian around, even though I wasn't too fond of him in the beginning... he's starting to grow on me! I'm also very pleased with how many fancy fence exteriors there are in town. Maybe every house in the South of Kiri (in the park area) can have fancy fences? I'll have to choose my next villagers and plot locations wisely.

Lastly, I finally remembered to ask Tom to upgrade my kitchen! I always forget to talk to him after paying off my loan. I do like the cozy look of the smaller kitchen, but I definitely wanted to utilise the space better. I wont be upgrading it any further though. I'm still on the hunt for a few Welcome Amiibo items but overall I'm quite pleased with the way it looks.

Here are a few mostly accidental screenshots I took while playing Fantasy Life! (it's so weird pressing start to take photos instead of L/R).

Bah, I feel so bad for attacking non-agro creatures, especially when they are sleeping... but it's so easy to accidentally whip out your weapon and then the damn dog just attacks them instantly! Bizzy is just waiting to take a chomp out of that Mushface. Look at that Applejack Ape sleeping though!!!


I can definitely see some Dolly vibes coming from these Pam siblings.

I found you Resetti! 

My log cabin in Fantasy Life. Like most of my gaming alter egos, my character's name is Dizzy (yes, like the Dizzy from ACNL!) My dog's name is Bizzy and my horse is named Wishbone, named after members of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony ;) I'm quite annoyed at myself for naming my character (and everything else) in all caps. It sounds like Yuelia is screaming at me every time my name pops up.

My favourite night play in the game is the Aridian Desert in Al Maajik. Look at the sparkly stars in the sand! I wonder if I can somehow emulate these on my beaches in Kiri? 

This screenshot is basically where I left off in the Tale of Lunares. I apologise if I don't update so often as I'll probably be immersed in this game for a few weeks at least!

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