Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Tinytree's 1-Year Anniversary!

I didn't intend to play Tinytree today since I spent so long working on Kiri that it burned me out a little. I'm so glad I did though... because otherwise I would have missed Tinytree's 1-Year Anniversary! I knew it was sometime in March but I didn't realise I created my town on the 1st. It was around 11:50pm when I loaded up the game to a gloomy, foggy night and a greeting from Isabelle. I wonder if she waited all day outside my house for me.

Isabelle tells me that she organised a little celebration with the help of all the residents. I was super excited to see everyone gather around the town tree!

Isabelle, you little shit.
Alas, I should have known Isabelle is no stranger to over-exaggeration. The ceremony turnout was lamer than a public works project celebration. I couldn't blame my villagers though, since it was half the town's bed time. Isabelle even forced poor Mabel to join, who probably just wanted to have a good night's rest after a long work day.

At that moment, they all collectively flashed me. 

After Isabelle made some smart ass remarks about being my secretary, she brought out the poppers... and never in my play time have I ever been able to capture a well timed screenshot of this moment, even on my own anniversary.

So, that sums up Tinytree's anniversary! It was a cute little ceremony - a little gloomy - but still nice. Tinytree is technically more than a year old if I count all the days I've time travelled back and forth to landscape my town and get it to look the way it is today. I'm excited to see how much genuine progress I make with Kiri in one year, since I am not time travelling at all in that town!

And finally, here's the neat gift you get on your anniversary! A sapling clock! I'll have to find a nice place to put this once I remodel Jules' bedroom. 

Here are a few more snap shots of the day:

Jules in front of her house after the ceremony
Shortly after, she falls into a pitfall as Hazel plays innocent bystander
Violets seemed to be glowing on this foggy night
This bus stop has been abandoned since before Jules' time as mayor
The jinbei top and shorts are my mayor's go to outfit. I immediately changed her into her comfort clothes the day the snow melted, but I forget that early spring is still freezing, especially late at night during a fog.

Cozying up by the fire pit

I ended the night by warming up next to the fire pit. Goodnight!

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